Fat to Fit Review – I Fell For the Sales Page

Fat to fit is a new guide written by Ray Burton, it has been mentioned on a few websites and forums on the net recently so I thought would get a copy myself to see if it was any good.

One of the reasons I picked the Fat to fit guide, over some of the other products out there was because of the sales page. I am a sucker for a well written sales letter and probably explains why my laptop is full up with so much digital junk, it’s like an addiction…I should go to digital rehab.

Any how my choice to buy this product was not all decided on the content of the sales page, there was a little bit of logic behind it and this logic was the author in question. Ray Burton has served in the Canadian Army as well as being an ISSA qualified personal trainer, so the logic I was going on was that he should know what he is talking about.

I have to say with following the guide, and the accompanying videos the Fat to Fit course is not anything relatively new or groundbreaking, all it is, is a common sense guide to losing weight. That is one of the things that I liked about it there is nothing complicated or technical about it. Ray just tells you exactly what you have to do to loose weight.

The actual subject of weight loss is dealt with so you have an understanding of how losing weight actually works, with the help of specific sections such as dietary, recipe’s and exercise sections for different levels of people.

So in conclusion I would say if you are looking for a weight loss breakthrough, Fat to fit is not it, what it is though is a guide and community of people and a program that you can follow to loose weight if you can motivate yourself to participate in the program.

“Character and Fitness” Review – One Last Step in Your Bar Application Process

Sure you have studied fervently for the bar examination, but, while applying to take the bar examination, have you considered that one little mistake in college where you had a run-in with the law when to comes time for your “character and fitness” review? Each state bar examiner requires a prospective attorney to pass their character and fitness standard, which, by way of examples, relates to an applicant’s history in areas such as:

  • Unlawful conduct and encounters with the law (including minor infractions such as speeding/traffic infractions, underage offenses, alcohol consumption or drug charges, disorderly conduct, etc.)
  • Academic or employment misconduct
  • Acts involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation
  • Violation of a court order (child support, restraining orders, or other disobedience of court directives)
  • Behavior evidencing mental/emotional instability or drug/alcohol abuse

Practicing law is a noble profession, and state bar examiners want to ensure that the caliber of their attorneys are of the highest quality and can respect the code of ethics while representing clients. For most applicants, clearing the character and fitness review will not be an issue and you will pass upon a simple review of your bar application. However, if called into question by a state board examiner, gathering additional documentation for a character and fitness review may be an arduous task — so do it right the first time. While depending on the state, you will probably be required to locate criminal records, your address history, driving records and employment records right off the bat. Some states require a hearing to analyze the character and fitness of an applicant where there is a history of substance abuse; felony convictions; gross dereliction of financial responsibilities; or falsification of documents, including, the failure to disclose information on the bar application.

Each state has a different character and fitness standard and procedure, so be sure to research each state accordingly. Further, remember the importance of full disclosure on your bar examination application as failure to disclose all pertinent background information will have serious negative consequences, even if you pass the actual examination! If you omit any significant event that is requested on the character and fitness portion of your bar applicatoin, it may cause your bar application to be unnecessarily delayed or, you may be asked to appear before a bar advisory board or your state board of bar examiners. It is not uncommon for someone to have passed their state bar exam, yet remain unlicensed because of these potential delays. Go back in your records or utilize a commercial background information provider to locate you pertinent information. If there is a problem, seek the referral of an experienced lawyer to guide you through the process and represent you in front of your state bar, should that be necessary.